14th July

Report by Nick:

“Only Graham and Nick attended the weekly meet with various apologies of ‘enforced rest’ from a variety of unknown ‘conditions’ preventing others from joining.

Music along the footpath greeted our arrival although as we approached the entranced the tunes became sinister and disturbing so a quick change was made.

On arrival the cable was coiled and rubble removed revealing enough space (just) for us both to finally pass through to the new extension after some extra digging and drilling. The new ‘few metres’ 2 along and 2+ up, continues to have good scalloping and fresh but not breezy air. It’s not yet a comfortable access route. Further excavation from the far side may succeed in making it a flat entrance but probably a little extra assistance at the very beginning will be required. Ahead the way on may be up or straight ahead.

With no official time available beer o’clock arrived early. The normally happy mellow drinking spot was still a sombre scene as the dark music continued emerging from the evil plastic rocks. The sleeping owls had all left. We didn’t stay long.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!