30th June

Report by Connor:

Connor, Duncan, Nick, and Tav

“All successfully make it through the prom event traffic, sadly no opportunities for giggling at teenagers trying to run and get dressed as we exited the cave. 

Duncan entered first clearing out and in inspecting the results of last weeks efforts. Chemical persuasion proved to do a good job. It had taken several inches off along the drill lines, turning most of it to dust! Connor was sent in to see if he could wiggle through, after some more chiselling and mud clearing victory was achieved. A small passage was entered of similar rock and scalloping. Straight ahead a 45 degree mud slop, that has clearly carried water continued for around 3 meters. In the roof a hole was spotted and after examining a draft could be felt from. Nick threw a long crowbar through, and enthusiasm found, more of the mud and rock was cleared. This was just enough for Nick to stick his head through to see the findings. Enlargement of the passage will be needed to allow work to commence on the two new leads.”

Tav did his own thing elsewhere.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!