28th September

Vince and Nick

We had a plan to go poking and prodding in LoH&G, then got an email from Nick: “I’ve got a pXRF but, can’t take it underground.” So, samples to be collected too.

It was noted others were in the cave somewhere, either divers or a group of “tourists.” Steady trip through the cave, as usual, it was warm. Met the “tourists” coming out of Colston Hall.

We continued on to the first ‘potential’ location. Turned out it wasn’t really worth the effort – not any hope here. On to the next spot. This looked better but stuff needs clearing before a proper evaluation can be made. Looks to be viable, at least in the short term anyway. Satisfied, we went off to collect some samples (for pXRF analyses) before making our way out of the cave.

Land of Hope & Glory

Some images from a recent trip (21/09/23) with Nick Hawkes, Pete Bolt, and Pete “Snablet” MacNab, who is over from New Zealand for a few days.

The five photographs above were taken by Snablet.

L to R: Pete Bolt, Snablet, Nick. Photo by Vince Simmonds

9th March

Report by Connor:

Connor and Nick

Continued work at diamond mine dig. Rotating between roles, good progress can be made through the mud floor, as holds it shape well and is eagerly cleared with a shovel. Progress increased by 1 & 1/2 feet from previous taking it down a minimum of 3 feet at highest point. 

Many buckets cleared, to the point were it was not possible to keep count. This resulted in agreed 100 buckets, between the team.

16th February

Report by Tav:

Nick, Dunc, Tav

The good news is that the air in the dig is finally clear and Nick dug a mini-mountain of mud which made its way back to Tav and Dunc for distribution elsewhere. Nick suggested that one more session might decide whether or not it was worth pursuing. Tav also replaced the broken conservation tape in the big rift that other parties seem to think is optional.”