26th August

Vince, Jake, Jon, Tav, and Nick.

After missing the last couple of digging session’s, there was no stopping Nick he shot off up through the cave so he could be digging. Jon assisted clearing away the buckets (and filling a few too) to Tav, who passed them onto Jake. I was digging last session so to the back of the line and spoil disposal for me this evening. The filled buckets arrived at a good steady rate, were emptied, cleaned, and returned. Progress was made.

19th August

Vince, Roz, Duncan, Tav, and Jake.

My turn to dig, the filled buckets were cleared away by Duncan, to Roz, Tav and finally, Jake who emptied the contents, cleaned the bucket, and sent it back up the line to be filled again, ad infinitum!

Digging was a tad awkward in the barely shoulder-width passage, just about enough room to sit-up and swing the mattock. There is a small space to follow and, there seems to be some air movement. As always, it look’s good ahead. A steady session.

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