12th August

Vince, Roz, Jake, Nick, Tav, Jon, and Duncan.

It was surprisingly wet throughout the cave following recent rain, there was a flow of water down the cascade and Fuzzy Wuzzy had a puddle.

Jake and Nick upfront, I was shuttling buckets along the rift with Duncan, the rest of the team on spoil management. There was some air movement and, in spite, of arriving at the dig in a sweaty mess it did not take too long to cool down. More steady progress and there is a hole to follow, and it is draughting. It looks encouraging, hopefully, we will get a better look after the next digging session.

Jon (forefront) and Tav on spoil management. Photo by Roz
Duncan waits for the next bucket. Photo by Roz
Jake emerges from the rift after digging. Photo by Roz

5th August 2021

Vince, Nick, Jake, Jon, Tav, Duncan, and Mike.

Tav digging assisted by Jake, me and Nick along the rift, Duncan, Jon, and Mike on spoil disposal. A steady session and progress made. There is a lump of calcite that will need to be dealt with sometime in the future.

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