10th June

Vince, Nick, Tav, Mike, Jake, and Duncan.

The cool draught beckoned as we opened the door leading into the cave, it was not cool for long. A warm trip to the dig.

There was plenty of space for spoil disposal, so we got to filling some of it! Nick was digging, I was clearing the filled bags and sporadic ‘rocks’ to Tav, along the rift to Mike and on to Jake and Duncan on spoil management. All of us were still warm. The thing about digging along a narrow, constricted passage is that following a good session the progress is clearly visible. The digging consists of compacted sediments and some mineral encrustation, this requires the application of ‘induced rapid mechanical erosion’.

The refreshments in the ravine this evening were well-earned. Bats were very active back and fro over the leat, a tawny owl calling in the trees.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!