2nd May

Report by Vince

Vince, Jon, Mike and James

A more leisurely stroll
up through the cave to allow James time to appreciate the surroundings. At the
dig, as guest digger, James was poked to the front, given the mattock, and
prompted to get on with it. Mike was clearing away the filled buckets and
passing them up to Vince at the top of the pit. Vince was loading the filled buckets
into the skip which was then hauled up-slope by Jon. Jon emptied (and cleaned)
the buckets, returning them back down the line, to be filled again and the whole
procedure repeated.

It was a pleasantly busy
evening with plenty of chatter. Soon though it was all over, and we made our
way out of the cave to change and re-convene in the pub for refreshments.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!