14th March

Report by Vince

Vince, Jonathon and Nick.

The “Fun Boy Three”, no “Bananas”, went math!

A total of 45 loads were excavated, hauled and emptied; we had 8 buckets and 7 bags; how many times did we fill and empty each?

From the outset we had thought it might be too wet to dig but agreed we would go and check it out anyway. it was noted, that throughout the cave there wasn’t as much water as we had anticipated. At the dig, there was a puddle but not deep enough to stop the digging activities.

Jon digging, Nick clearing the filled buckets and bags and taking care not to fall into the puddle. It was amusing watching Nick trying to extract a misplaced stepping stone from the puddle without getting wet. Vince was at the skip station stacking the filled receptacles ready for hauling and emptying.

It turned out to be a productive session and digging is easily done with a team of three, result!

7th March

Due to work committments, etc. there were not enough people available to make-up a digging team for this evening.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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