15th September

Vince, Duncan, Nick, and Steve Sharp

I had decided to get re-acquainted with the passages leading off the ‘hole in the floor’, the aim to think about resuming activities here. Steve accompanied me on the trip. Disappointingly, it isn’t any drier along and some sections and is especially muddy on the approach to the narrow rift at the current end of the low crawl. Duncan and Nick went along to the current dig to complete survey and remove the bags of spoil that had been left there. Later, we all met near Fuzzy Wuzzy where the contents of the bags were emptied out onto the pathway. An earlier exit than normal. Refreshments taken in the ravine.

8th September

Report by Tav (edited):

Diggers were Jake, Tav and Dunc. 

While Jake and Tav bagged up the large pile of gravel, Dunc set about updating the survey. With the gravel bagged, Jake thrutched his way up into the new chamber to confirm that it sadly doesn’t go anywhere, and that Connor must be very thin. Dunc came through to complete the survey before all three beat a hasty exit, returning to light drizzle and some very welcome refreshment.” 

6th September

Vince, Connor, and Duncan

What with one thing or another haven’t made it along to the digging sessions in LoH&G for quite some time (6 months) so was keen to have a look at the progress made following the constricted mineralised vein/passage. Met the others in the car park and we made our way to the entrance.

Duncan headed off towards Beginner’s Luck to retrieve a wire. Me and Connor set-off for the dig. At the dig, a climb up to an enticing space beyond a small hole, I almost squeezed through, Connor did. A small chamber, partially filled with sediment that requires removal before a better idea of potential is revealed. The air is definitely fresher in the upper section.

Back to the main task. Connor drilled a group of holes around the constriction, I was there for assistance and advise if required. The holes were duly filled, the ladder removed as we made our way back to a safe distance. Job done.

Met Duncan at the top of the climb and all exited the cave. Some took refreshments in the ravine. A successful evening. Unfortunately, I have a BCRA Council meeting on Thursday evening so will not be available to assist in the clearance works, maybe next week.

1st September

Report by Tav:

Dunc, Jake, Tav

Last week’s work had had the desired effect, so the team set about removing the few remaining bits of loose residue that hadn’t been vapourised. Seven bags of mud and diamonds were quickly accumulated, and these were later transported up the slope and spread on the gravel path. More can now be seen of the way on ahead, which looks very tantalising. One or two more bangs will gain at least thin-man access to a small, heavily scalloped, mud-floored chamber. The first person up into it should be able to chisel downwards from above which will help open it up further and avoid the worst of the hard rain. There is a very strong draught, and the chamber may continue both downdip to the west and possibly directly upwards although the view remains too constricted to be certain. A closer inspection of the arch of doom was also undertaken and a consensus reached on the best way of dealing with it.”

26th July

Report by Duncan:

Duncan, Nick, Tav

“Last week’s efforts had widened the approach and Duncan was able to squeeze into the new bit.  The drill and associated materials were passed though so that three holes could be drilled in the left hand wall (facing in) to remove the squeeze.  Nick and Tav hacked a lot of mud and loose stuff out of the approach – the bulge on the right hand wall further back will be the next target to enable the smooth passage of spoil.”

21st July

Report by Duncan:

Connor, Tav, and Duncan – three holes drilled in left hand wall of initial squeeze into recent extension of the Diamond Mine dig.  Connor attempted to put some holes in the wall of the next pinch point but found the rock friable and it might be better to attack this with a chisel.  Holes filled and fired.  Meanwhile the Hawkes family (Nick, Jeremey & Tessa) toured LoH&G.  Early finish for drinks in the ravine.”

14th July

Report by Nick:

“Only Graham and Nick attended the weekly meet with various apologies of ‘enforced rest’ from a variety of unknown ‘conditions’ preventing others from joining.

Music along the footpath greeted our arrival although as we approached the entranced the tunes became sinister and disturbing so a quick change was made.

On arrival the cable was coiled and rubble removed revealing enough space (just) for us both to finally pass through to the new extension after some extra digging and drilling. The new ‘few metres’ 2 along and 2+ up, continues to have good scalloping and fresh but not breezy air. It’s not yet a comfortable access route. Further excavation from the far side may succeed in making it a flat entrance but probably a little extra assistance at the very beginning will be required. Ahead the way on may be up or straight ahead.

With no official time available beer o’clock arrived early. The normally happy mellow drinking spot was still a sombre scene as the dark music continued emerging from the evil plastic rocks. The sleeping owls had all left. We didn’t stay long.”