6th June

Report by Jon

Last minute delays meant that only three diggers (Jon, Mike and Nick) attended this week. Hopes raised by a brief sighting of a fourth (Duncan) were dashed when it was realised he was taking the wet route.

With the absence of unruly influences, the team members were on their best behaviour. In an auspicious week for the nation, in which presidents visited from Europe and America to remember events of 75 years ago, nobody mentioned the War, nobody mentioned Brexit and the only wall to receive a mention was the one around the spoil heap.

Jon dug out stone from behind St. Vincent’s Rock. Nick hauled 25 skip loads of it up the dry slope. Then work began on the spoil heap. While Nick tended the sharp end, moving spoil high up into the corner, Jon concentrated on building up the wall at the other end.

Mike did the jobs of three people at the bottom. He dug 24 bucket loads from the end, concentrating on the right hand side. He carried these up the slope and loaded the skip. A Sage Elder recently revealed that he thought that the way on might still be under the right hand wall. Mike reports evidence of a possible undercut.

49 skips, no-one offended, the spoil heap tended and digging progress made. What good boys we were.