20th January

Report by Tav:

“Three members of the team (Jake, Mike, Tav) arrived on a chilly night to continue ‘Operation Chisel.’ Armed with four freshly charged batteries, battle commenced and taking it in turns by close of play a further six tub-loads of ‘Wookey diamonds’ had been extracted, making a noticeable difference to both the width of the approach passage and the obstinate ‘Durdle Door’ lump in the floor (now minus said door!). 

Although neatly sandwiched between two primes (5 and 7), six is obviously not a prime number in itself. However, being the sum and product of three consecutive positive integers (1,2 and 3), a natural number (cardinal and ordinal), a composite number and the first discrete biprime (the product of the primes 2 and 3), the team felt it met Jon’s minimum mathematical standard and indeed positively trumped it given that six is also a perfect number (a positive integer equal to the sum of its positive divisors excluding itself). In any case it was gone nine and the team were well into overtime.  

With both strategic and mathematical requirements satisfactorily met, the team exited the cave to a frigid ravine echoing to the stentorian shrieks of Strix aluco.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!