6th January

Report by Jon:

“On a wet evening, Jake, Tav, Jon and Nick assembled in a busy car park, ready for digging activities. A Wookey Hole event was about to commence. At the cave the four were joined by Duncan, self-certified to be on light duties.

Wookey Hole – 6th January 2022

Duncan carried out surveying activities while the rest of the Team proceeded to the dig face.

Nick dug, assisted by Tav; Jon hauled; Jake sorted and stacked the spoil.

The digging remains difficult; plenty of gravel was hauled. On the positive side, there were reports of a draught.

Having missed a couple of sessions, Jon was intrigued to find that the Team had moved on from counting in prime numbers, or identifying the prime factors, and were now quoting sums of primes. This evening, Jake kept a bucket tally and reported that 25½ buckets of spoil were removed. That draws a line under mathematical observations…

…except that twice the bucket count is 51. My 51st year was an interesting one, to say the least…

The Team emerged from the cave under a very wet sky and returned to the car park just in time for rush hour. The owls were sleeping.”

Comment by Tav:

(17 x 3) / 2 = 25.5. All prime numbers. Well done Jon. I knew you wouldn’t let us down.”

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