16th December

Report by Jon:

“Tav, Nick and Jon were this week joined by Jake, freed from his satanic duties. Tav, as the evening’s key holder, had warned of another late start but the Team headed off to the cave only a few minutes later than usual.

There was another delay while Jake tried to get his lamp to work. The problem was diagnosed as the batteries. Tav saved the evening by offering up his spare.

At the dig face, the extra pair of hands was used at the spoil heap. Following the usual rotation, Tav dug, Jon hauled and Nick emptied, with assistance from Jake.

With no planning or intent, a very satisfactory 23 buckets were again removed before the Team departed.

Tav left the cave in darkness, his battery exhausted, and recounted his efforts that evening – digging with two feet above his head. The others remain unsure about that one!

Once again we left the site to the sound of a non-sleeping owl.”

Let sleeping owls lie!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!