7th October

Vince, Duncan, Nick, Tav, Jon, and Mike

My turn to dig (in Jake’s absence) aided by Duncan, I could see Nick’s light peering through the low section waiting for the next bucket. Then Jon, Tav and Mike occupying various positions leading to the spoil being dumped and the empty, cleaned buckets returned to the dig face.

Started the digging making more a bit more space (now able to stand up), at the dig face plenty of space to kneel comfortably and swing the mattock. Loosened a pile of sediment then scooped it into buckets passing back the filled buckets back to Duncan. The sediment consists of layered clay, silt, and sand with some infrequent cobble- and boulder-size lumps of calcite mineral, colour ranges from pale red brown to bright yellow. A stiff layer of clay seals less compacted layers of silt and/or sand. Good stuff to dig.

There was some comment/discussion regarding the air quality but, I was digging hard, and it was fine. Obviously, with the effort of hard, physical work as the evening progresses, temperature rises, there’s the chance some might run out of puff!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!