13th May

Vince, Nick, Jake, Tav and Mike,

Working from home today so made it to the Thursday evening digging session. The usual warm trip up from Wookey 20 to Land of Hope & Glory. Straight into the digging continuing the enlargement process, this will facilitate a more comfortable approach to forward progress. The enlargement process at this stage requires the removal of a considerable quantity of sediment, mostly consisting stiff dry friable light yellow brown sandy silt overlying light red to red brown sandy silt, with some laminated layers. At the lowest section of the passage appears to be a band of degraded (?) calcite. It was noted that, considering we were ‘hard at it’ all evening the air quality did not diminish, I even thought the merest waft of air movement could be sensed.

Later in the evening when I inquired if anyone had counted the buckets, Mike replied “there were four of them!”   

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!