29th April

Report by Tav:

Mike, Nick, Tav

Operation Continuing Enlargement
Arrived at the show cave to find a film crew in situ, where security directed us to park in the upper car park.Dragging Nick away from the make up and costume vans parked by the archway we proceeded to the dig in an orderly fashion. Suitable tooled up (new spafe and small crowbar), Nick dug, Mike shuttled and shuffled and Tav clambered up and down the pot to dispose of the spoil. Another 20-25 buckets were removed and by the close of play the passage had been satisfactorily enlarged. Nick confirmed cool air movement in the dig – despite there being no draught in Fuzzy Wuzzy. All very hot and sweaty work and realistically on the limit of what 3 diggers can achieve. As the next phase of operation requires someone digging on the far side of the U-Bend we ideally need 5 and even 6 or 7 can be gainfully employed moving rocks and disposing of spoil on the steep approach slope. A survey would be handy too, to establish its relationship (if any) with the foot of the big rift chamber. A useful night’s work and beer well earned.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!