23rd December

It has been a while since the last visit to Wookey Hole for a variety of reasons including work and pandemic restrictions. There were two objectives for this late afternoon/evening trip: firstly, a chance for Roz and Tav to see the Wookey 24 streamway and, secondly, to rig a ladder up and over a dry route to bypass a swimming section streamway to reach Wookey 24 “camp”. This will enable easier access to more passages and opportunities for exploration beyond.

After recent persistent rain, the water levels in the streamway were much higher than our previous visit (29/10/20) and several metres above our heads the “bubble” ring was evidence that the water had been very much higher. There was plenty of wading and lots of steam generated (photos are a bit ‘blurry’).

Roz explores a section of Wookey 24
Wookey 24 ‘camp’

Author: mendipgeoarch

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