30th July

Vince, Jake, Jon, Nick, Tav and Mike.

Nick and Jon rotated the digging in the “deep pit”, Mike had a tentative poke around in an alternative location. Tav poked and prodded the spoil into every ‘nook and cranny’ with, mostly, Jake supplying the filled buckets to him. I was helping with bucket removal but got too easily side-tracked into building another spoil retaining wall and squashed a finger into the bargain!

In the deep pit, Nick located a possible way ahead, but it appears solidly choked at present, Mike’s ‘alternative’ is still worth pursuing to get a better look, it might develop into something, especially after the effort expelled in removing a rather large boulder that Jon eventually was able to reduce to manageable lumps, some fine wall-building material. It turned out to be another satisfying evening’s work.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!