23rd July

Vince, Nick, Jon, Duncan, Jake, Mike and Tav.

Nick, Jon, and Duncan rotated the digging duties, I was shuttling the filled buckets through the chamber to be emptied in the lower intermediate spoil dump where Mike and Tav were attending to spoil management. Jake was busy cleaning the ladder, in case it is required later, when done he joined the spoil disposal activities.

At the dig, downwards progress was slowed due to a rock encounter. Some, potentially, large blocks of rock were being exposed. The way forward appears to be diminishing, which is disappointing. More sediment needs clearing away to be certain, but time ran out this session. A downwards direction still seems to remain the best option. We will have to deal with the rocks as and when necessary, there are a number of methods that can be employed, including plug and feathers, capping, or the application of IRS. We will have a better idea after the next couple of sessions.

It was a bit damp during the apr├Ęs dig refreshments in the ravine.

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