6th February

Report by Vince

Vince, Mike, Jake, Duncan, Nick and Tav.

A jovial gathering in the showcave car park, waited for Jon but, unfortunately, he’d had a breakdown (vehicular) and couldn’t make it.

A steady stroll through the cave to the dig. There, a variety of tasks were undertaken before digging commenced. Photographs, survey, pathways sorted, the access tidied and improved, the debris of last weeks fervour cleared and a spoil dump established. When all this was done, digging began. The filled buckets were passed along a line to be emptied and any rocks were added to the wall. Our initial efforts will be concentrated at the north west extent of the passage as it seems the most obvious place. There are a couple of overhead possibilities, but these will wait until the next session.

It was another pleasant evening of irreverent banter we are so not ‘PC’.

Jake enters the passage
Duncan views the recently discovered passage.
Mike takes photographs.
Mud formations.
Drip pool.
Flowstone and ‘popcorn’

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