19th November

While Vince was beavering away in Hallowe’en Rift applying the next phase of IRS, a team attended to the dig in Wookey Hole. The following summary was provided by Jon:

Report by Jon

“Four regulars, Jake, Jon, Mike and Nick, were joined by Estelle for this evening’s session.

Water levels were low.  The lowest point of the dig was liquid mud rather than water.  The raised area was sticky but rather soft underfoot beyond the ladder. 

Following common practice, the visitor was given the opportunity to dig.  On top of the bank, a shallow trench was dug from the edge across to the far wall.  The wall is continuing down; no bottom edge has yet been encountered.  A rock, possibly boulder, has been partly uncovered near the far wall.

The team attempted to haul the spoil up the slope, but sticky mud and staff numbers made this a little slower than usual.  Some spoil was therefore dumped on the raised platform.

In the absence of the Chief Accountant, the bucket count was somewhat unclear.  It was certainly in double figures.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!