10th October

Report by Vince.

Vince, Jon, Jake, Duncan, Mike’s back after injuring himself, Nick and Tav.

We thought the water levels might be interesting this evening after heavy rain over the last few days. Walking to the cave entrance the River Axe was in full spate; a lot of water was coming from the resurgence. Throughout the cave there were drips and trickles where they hadn’t been seen before and we had a small stream for company in places.

At the dig we were not surprised to find a considerable depth of water flooding the dig at the bottom of the sand pit. A tentative effort was made by some to get a better look, but the consensus was, not worth getting that wet!

Digging was impossible so we mooched around the cave for a while looking at the water levels before going to the pub earlier than usual.

Duncan tests the depth of water.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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