26th September

Report by Vince.

Vince, Jake, Jon, Nick and Tav.

It’s been raining, quite hard at times, for the last week or so. There was some discussion as to the consequences of this, Hallowe’en Rift had still been dry and mostly drip free on Tuesday evening. The trip up through the passage off Chamber 20 revealed that water was flowing in several places.

Approaching the dig, it was noted that the aven had water cascading down and the small tube it drains into was overflowing. Generally, this is not a good sign and so it proved to be, the dig was flooded to a considerable depth. Digging was impossible. We managed to rescue the tools and extract a couple of large boulders that had slumped in. we decided to spend the evening on some spoil space management, we found some rocks and built some walls. We just need the dig to dry so that we can fill the spaces we created.

We did, however, keep ourselves amused for the evening before we went to the pub!

Author: mendipgeoarch

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