8th August

Report by Vince

Vince, Jon, Tav, Nick and Estelle Sandford.

Another guest digger, Estelle, joined the team for this evening’s session. Nick had just returned from working in the ’back of beyond’ and was ‘chomping at the bit’.

On arrival at the sand pit, Estelle and Nick were dispatched to the dig face and left to get on with it. Jon, at the top of the pit, loaded the filled buckets into the skip hauled up the slope by Tav, who regularly administered water, like some demented bishop blessing the hordes, to lubricate the passage of the skip. Tav also kept the tally because he’s the only one who can keep count. My job was to empty the buckets, 102 of them, any rocks were added to the retaining wall. The spoil heap is getting to the stage where it requires some more care and attention, the spoil needs moving to the back wall to give us more dumping space.

At the end of the evening, another productive session.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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