18th July

Report by Vince

Vince, Jake, Jon, Nick and Tav.

A bigger team tonight and good to see Jake back after his flat maintenance stint.

It was the usual warm trip through Chamber 20 to the dig. The thing is, by the time you arrive at the dig you are warm, very warm, then, straight into swinging the mattock and loading the loosened sediment into the bucket. And you feel the need to work quickly as those team members waiting might become impatient, well that’s the perception.

Jake was digging, I cleared away the filled buckets and passed them up to Tav at the top of the sand pit. Tav transferred the buckets into the skip, which was hauled upslope to the spoil dispersal area, this was being managed this evening by Jon and Nick.

As the session progressed Jake got warmer and warmer, so we swapped places, my turn to warm-up, not that I was particularly cool anyway. More buckets filled, rocks battered with the sledgehammer, all removed to the spoil heap.

There was some discrepancy regarding total number of loads removed, but 77 was the figure we stuck to as it has some symmetry to it. A good productive session and we were all ready for the pub for some well-earned refreshments!

Author: mendipgeoarch

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