30th May

Report by Vince

Vince, Jake, Nick and Jon

The usual warm trip to the end of Chamber 20. When Vince arrived (delayed by a battery change) the others had decided it was his turn to dig. Spoil removal is the easiest job, plenty of room to swing the mattock, then scoop the loosened sediment into an empty bucket. The sediment mostly comprises pale yellow silty sand overlain by stiff pink-brown laminated silty clay. A lot more effort is required to dispatch the filled buckets to the spoil heap. Jake cleared the filled buckets up to Nick, who loaded the skip. Jon hauled the skip up the slope, emptied the buckets, cleaned them and returned the empty, clean buckets. Jake, under instruction from Nick, reduced a couple of boulders to more manageable pieces, useful walling material.

Jon also took it on board to record this evening’s tally. It was evident when looking at the count that there had been a “mid-haul” crisis around the “30” mark, when a shaky hand recorded the number. This was put down to Jon getting-up at 04:30hrs this morning to get into work early so that he could leave earlier and have time to get through the chaos of roadworks at Stonehenge and be on time for digging this evening.

At the end of the session: 58 buckets filled and emptied. Its okay with four but, more is better!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist!